What Makes A Great Gaming Chair - Blog

Many elements to consider...

Style, Brand, Components, Features & Price?

Well it would be fair to say that all of the above are important, but what is it that makes a standard gaming chair become a great one?

1. Quality Materials

The quality of the components used on any product will always determine its functionality, usability & lifespan. A gaming chair is no different & if substandard materials are used to cut costs it won’t be long before daily use begins to take its toll on both the chair & the user. The ATOM range is built using an extra thick custom  steel frame, robust 4D armrests, high quality PU leather,  premium cold cure foam, class 4 hydraulic piston & a durable 5 star base, all the ingredients needed to form a resilient & extremely comfortable gaming chair.

2. 4D Armrests

When it comes to gaming the armrest is an essential component to enhance comfort & performance. That’s why all models feature as standard the 4D armrest. The 4D allows users to choose from 8 directions when adjusting the armrest, ensuring you will find your optimal gaming position. The finishing touch, which could be argued as its most important feature, the 4D is finished with a cold cure foam surface. This excellently refined material is both firm but soft on the arms offering that additional comfort & grip during intense gaming sessions.

3. Rocking Tilt Mechanism

It has to be said, long periods of gaming is extremely stimulating on the mind but maybe not so much on the body. That is why this feature is a must when it comes to gaming chairs. The rocking function can be locked in the upright position or released allowing the user to create a gentle rocking motion during prolonged periods in the chair. This provides tension release on your back & some much needed movement from head to toe. This feature will enable you to extend your gaming session further & reduce the negative effects associated with long periods of sitting.

4. Excellent Ergonomics

Whether you choose to game, work or simply relax in your chair excellent ergonomics is what ultimately makes a good chair great. The ATOM range provides you with an abundance of features that will optimise your seating position, maintain posture & increase your output throughout long periods of use. The cold cure foam seat fitted on all models is extremely comfortable & its refined material is resilient over long term use. Additional lumbar and headrest cushions provide that extra support & are fully adjustable or removable. Our tilt mechanism, height adjustability, backrest recline & 4D armrests really solidifies this products versatility & functionality resulting in an extremely ergonomic experience.