Multi Setting Rocking Tilt - Blog

What is a multi setting rocking tilt mechanism?...

The multi setting tilt mechanism is the component that enables the seat to rock & tilt from 90 - 135°, significantly improving a chairs ergonomics. Fixed to the underneath of the seat & gas lift, it works as a pivot for the user to create motion & benefit from various fixed angles of tilt. Unlike standard rocking mechanism's, the multi setting mechanism features the 'lock function' allowing the chair to be fixed in place once the desired tilt angle has been achieved. A must have if your looking to perfect your seating set-up.

How it works...

Operated using two paddle levers conveniently located on either side of the mechanism. The right hand paddle is for height adjustment (gas lift). The left hand paddle is used to lock the mechanism in place or released to enable the rocking function. The tension of the mechanism can be controlled by simply adjusting the cog underneath the seat. You can use the lock function to choose from multiple tilt angles & optimize comfort depending on your PC activities. Check out our short demonstration video below:

The benefits...

Adding another dimension to the ergonomics of a top level recliner. The rocking setting creates the motion needed after being seated for a long period of time. Inactivity can be directly linked to some of the aches & pains developed, as a result of being stationary after extended sessions in the chair. The rocking motion is easy to activate & helps to ease tension, its also a fantastic way to unwind after a hard days work. The option of multiple degrees of tilt adds another customizable element to your gaming or works station set-up. Using the rock & lock function you can optimise your position for maximum comfort.

This feature can be found exclusively on our BlackEdition models.