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The best gaming chair under £200? ATOM keyboard
Unless you already know what you are looking for, finding the best gaming chair with a budget of £200 can be a difficult & time consuming experience. With the amount of selection on offer, reading through countless product descriptions, its difficult to identify which offer represents the best value for money. So how can you get the most spec for your spend? The features & materials is what will determine how well your chair performs once it has been put through its paces.

So what should you expect to find in a top level ergonomic gaming chair?


  • 4D armrest (eight ways of adjustment)
  • Reclining backrest 90° - 180°
  • Multi setting rocking tilt function 90° - 135°
  • Fully height adjustable class 4 hydraulic piston
  • Lumbar & neck support cushions


  • Premium scratch resistant PU leather
  • Densely padded cold cured foam seat
  • Custom steel frame
  • Metal five star base
  • 60mm hard floor castors

Why choose ATOM?

Our gaming chairs deliver all of the above from £149.99 inc delivery. We manufacture a range of highly ergonomic recliners with an unrivalled specification when considering features & quality vs price. ATOM will extend your gaming session with ergonomics & deliver long term performance with premium grade materials. A top level product, backed up with excellent 5 star reviews.

ATOM's fundamental objective was to 'design a gaming chair that is extremely competitive in terms of price, but doesn't compromise on product quality'.  Easier said than done? maybe, overly ambitious? possibly, did we achieve it? definitely! Utilising a combination of industry partnerships with our long term vision of the brand, we have designed a product that is setting a new standard for gaming chairs retailing under £200.
Visit our online store to find more information on our products.


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