The 4D Armrest - Blog

What is a 4D armrest?

The 4D armrest takes optimizing comfort & performance to the next level. Specifically engineered to offer you multiple configurations when setting up your gaming position. With eight ways of adjustment & many incremental configurable options, the 4D is an ergonomic armrest that will enable you to find the most comfortable position for your arms.

How it works...

Simply lifting the lever on the outer side of the armrests enables the height to be adjusted, once released the height will be fixed in its desired position. The armrests can be moved freely left, right or positioned centrally. The mechanism inside provides enough resistance to ensure it remains fixed in place once the preferred angle is chosen. Buttons found on the inner edge enable width & length adjustment. The 4D armrest is extremely easy to use & all levers/buttons are conveniently placed for effortless optimization. Check out our short demonstration video & see the 4D in action:

The benefits...

The 4D offers a customizable element to your gaming chair set-up & makes the chair accessible for a wide range of users. It's multiple settings of adjustment & streamlined finish delivers first class ergonomics. Movement is key when it comes to finding the optimal position at your gaming or work station.

The 4D achieves far superior ergonomics when compared to one, two or three dimensional versions. Its purpose built design helps to support the reduction of aches & pains that can develop as a result of poor seating position after longer periods in the chair. Offering greater flexibility, with the 4D you can alter your armrest set-up to suit a variety of PC gaming or work activities.

Cold moulded foam finish...

ATOM's 4D armrests are robust & excellently finished with a high grade cold cured foam. This refined material is moulded around the surface area delivering a consistency that is extremely durable & firm. When pressed the top layer has a soft memory foam feel to maximise on comfort & keep you relaxed for longer periods at your desk. The density of the foam ensures that it maintains its form & is extremely difficult to scratch or dent. All of this is essential considering its one of the most worn parts of the chair.


Top level ergonomics for gaming set-ups or work stations. If you are looking for ultimate comfort, the 4D is definitely the stand out choice.