Matt Strategy Gaming


ATOM UK have partnered with Matt Strategy Gaming who provides regular Facebook live streams to viewers all over the world. The stream was launched in 2019 & has a rapidly growing community of like minded gamers.


About Matt Strategy Gaming


"Passionate about music from a young age, I didn't really spend much time playing video games during my earlier years. When i did, GTA was a go to game and I also recall playing Fifa and Pro Evo with a few friends on the weekends.It wasn't until my first child was born that I started to play video games more regularly. More recently I decided to explore the wonderful world of streaming and Matt Strategy Gaming was born. The name originates from my "stage name" as a DJ - Matt Strategy. It seemed an appropriate and obvious choice as most people refer to me to as this rather than my actual real name.
Matt Strategy Gaming was established with the vision of connecting other streamers , gamers and enthusiasts from across the globe together. Our growing community hosts regular LIVE streams purely for your entertainment.As a new streamer to Facebook Gaming , we continue to learn and build, but more importantly we remained focused on delivering good content and total interaction with our viewers.
I'm delighted to partner with ATOM, as there are clear common synergy's between both of our brands, and I'm excited to be working closely with the team to help develop and create the ultimate gaming experience for fellow gamers."


If you like playing Call of Duty & want to get involved then over to Matt's stream & check him out...