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ATOM - Our models explained blog

We produce executive PC gaming chairs, combining premium grade materials with ATOM's feature rich design. Considering the specification, features & quality of materials, pound for pound ATOM offers the best gaming chair series under £200. So what's the difference between the GT, RS & Black Edition models?


The GT & RS from the original series, both share the same specification but have unique stitching & leather cut patterns. So its just a matter of style, both deliver the same quality build, using premium grade materials & components.

Key features:

  • 4D Armrests
  • Premium PU leather (5 colour options)
  • Cold cured foam seat
  • Reclining backrest
  • Standard rocking mechanism
  • Lightweight nylon base with 60mm castors
  • Lumbar & neck support cushions


The GT & RS are also available in upgraded versions, the Black Edition. Featuring a heavy duty metal base, a multi setting rocking mechanism & comes exclusively in black/carbon fibre PU leather. The Black Edition models retain the same classic stitching & leather cut patterns as the original GT & RS series with additional upgrades.

Key features:

  • 4D Armrests
  • Premium PU leather (Black carbon fibre)
  • Cold cured foam seat
  • Reclining backrest
  • Multi setting rocking mechanism (upgrade)
  • Heavy duty metal base with 60mm castors (upgrade)
  • Lumbar & neck support cushions

So which model is right for you?


The GT has its signature stitching design on the backrest only, whilst the RS features its signature pattern on both the seat & backrest. The side panelling on each backrest also has a unique leather cut. Check out the product gallery to compare. 

Leather & colour options:

All models use the same premium grade PU leather, so whether you opt for the original series or choose the upgrade, the quality of leather does not differ between models. The original GT & RS series are available in 5 colour options (Black, Red, Blue, White & Grey), a great selection to suit all gaming or work station set-ups. But if carbon fibre is your thing then the Black Edition models will not disappoint. These chairs are upholstered in all black with carbon fibre leather panelling on both sides of the seat & backrest.


All models are made from the same quality high grade materials, making them extremely resilient to long term use. Constructed with a steel frame, all have a cold cured foam seat & are upholstered in premium PU leather. So when it comes to the materials, this shouldn't be a deciding factor when choosing which model is right for you.


When it comes to features the GT & RS deliver an unrivalled specification vs price. With 4D armrests, reclining backrest, rocking tilt mechanism, cold cured foam seat & lumbar/neck support cushions, this advanced specification produces excellent ergonomics. But if the highest spec is top on your agenda then the Black Edition models are worth considering. They deliver all the same features as the original series but have been upgraded. Fitted with a multi setting tilt mechanism with lock function, you can rock or lock the chair in multiple angles of tilt, offering further customisation to your seating position. With a heavy duty metal base & carbon fibre PU leather there are many reasons why the Black Edition is our flagship model.


All seat & backrest dimensions are the same across all models. The only difference is the height from seat to floor, due to the slight oval shape of the metal base, the Black Edition sits slightly higher. So if you are really tall you may find the Black Edition more suitable. Full dimensions can be found at the bottom of our product pages. With height adjustment on all models & using the highly adjustable components the GT, RS & Black Edition gaming chairs let you fully customise your set-up to find the perfect seating position.

Still have more questions about ATOM? Check out the product pages or blog for more detailed information. We are also available on live chat every day from 8am, ask us a question...

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