Our Flagship Gaming Chair

A hybrid of the GT & RS models. Upgraded with three key components that further enhance the comfort, durability and ascetics of ATOM's high spec recliners. The BlackEdition has been fitted with a multi-setting rock and lock tilt mechanism, allowing the user to rock, tilt and lock in various positions to optimise comfort. The base has also been upgraded with a heavy duty metal version, finished in matt black, this increases the max load to 150kg & improves the overall structural integrity. Exclusively available in carbon fibre, delivering that finishing touch this epic gaming chair deserves.

1. The multi setting rock & lock tilt mechanism for maximum comfort

The BlackEdition models are fitted with an upgraded multi setting rock & lock tilt mechanism. Unlike conventional rocking mechanisms the multi setting function allows the user to tilt back from 90-135 °. Once the desired angle is achieved the mechanism can be locked in place maintaining the chosen level of tilt in a fixed position. This feature also allows its user to lock in the default upright position or release altogether enabling the rocking motion offering much needed movement during prolonged periods of gaming. All rock & lock settings are easily accessible using a conveniently placed lever underneath the seat. This feature offers a far greater level of flexibility depending on the user’s preference.

  • Rocking function to create motion and ease tension
  • Locking function to fix in varied positions from 90-135 °
  • Supports excellent ergonomics
  • Greater flexibility

ATOM BlackEdition - Multi Setting Rocking Mechanism

2. Heavy duty 350mm 5 star metal base - increased load with additional stability

Rather than the durable lightweight nylon base, BlackEdition models are fitted with a heavy duty 5 star metal version in matt black. This offers even greater structural integrity, supporting a heavier max user weight of 150kg. This upgrade provides the foundation for a truly epic gaming chair!

  • Improves structural integrity
  • Supports heavier user weight

ATOM BlackEdition - Metal Base

3. High quality black carbon fibre scratch resistant PU leather

Whilst the entire ATOM range features a high quality breathable PU leather this hybrid version wanted to offer something completely exclusive. The chair has been finished using a black carbon fibre panelling on both the seat & backrest.

Only available on BlackEdition models

• High quality PU leather
• Carbon fibre panelling

ATOM BlackEdition - Carbon Fibre Leather

Upgrades at a glance:

1. Multi setting rock & lock tilt mechanism with tension control
2. Heavy duty 350mm 5 star metal base
3. Carbon fibre panelling

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